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Hala-Bala Forest, the Amazon of ASEAN

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Invite everyone to learn the story of "Hornorn in Thailand" and visited the "home" of the hornbill in Thailand like the Hala-Bala forest

The "hornbill in Thailand" has been nicknamed "forest planter" in the natural ecosystem of our country. From the behavior of eating a variety of fruits, sometimes the   “seeds” that hornbills store as food in their mouths has escaped into the forest during the flight back to his nest This makes it possible to distribute new seeds until the diversity of plants in the forest is preserved.

The "big house" of the hornbills in Thailand will be "Hala-Bala Forest", a wildlife sanctuary located in the southernmost area of ​​Thailand. which is the forest where hornbills are found the most in the country We can see up to 10 species of hornbills in this forest from 13 species that appear in Thailand. until it is a good indicator of the abundance of this forest

by Hala-Bala Forest It has a total area of ​​391,689 rai comprising of 2 forests as follows:

Hala Forest

- In the area of ​​Betong District, Yala Province and Chanae District, Narathiwat Province

Bala Forest

- In the area of ​​Waeng District, Sukhirin District, Narathiwat Province, covering the Sankalakhiri mountain range

And was established as a conservation area of ​​Thailand in 1996, although the two forests are not connected to each other. But it has been declared the same wildlife sanctuary.

the situation of "Hornbills in Thailand" according to information from the staff of the Hornbill Ecology Study Project. Faculty of Science Mahidol University which tracks the smuggling of parts and ornaments from the hump of a rock and other types of hornbills in Thai online platforms

during Oct. 61- Apr. 19 found that there were 236 posts for buying and selling products from hornbills. There were more than 546 items of hornbill products, of which 173 posts or 73% were trading products from hornbills. The oldest hornbill species found in Thailand.

Inquire about Hala-Bala Forest Tour at the Office of Natural Resources Conservation Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Tel. 0-2561-0777 ext. daynduang
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